While scanning the morning headlines, one particular bit of news immediately had me doing a double take. Did I really see that right? Chihuahua takes on Cougar…and wins?
Sure enough, I clicked on the link, and the story began to unfold.
Apparently a pet owner that had two of what I refer to as “taco dogs” heard a horrendous cry coming from one of her pooches in the dead of night. As she raced to determine the situation, she peeked out her window only to see one of her Chihuahuas pinned to the ground by a cougar.
Her second pup, unseen by the pouncing predator suddenly emerged with a frightful attack – of barks! Not a bite. Not a scratch. But they worked all the same. The sound was big enough and scary enough that the cougar took flight off into the night.
It reminds me of the story of David and Goliath. A young teen-ager stepped out into the front of a timid and frightened Israeli army that had been taunted by a nine foot giant for 40 days. With nothing more than a sling shot and five stones, the boy David, the future king of Israel, took the giant on…and won! ( I Samuel 17)
If you are facing some sort of giant in your life today, please know, you too have the same access to the power needed to help you shoo it off regardless of the odds. You can win this. It’s just that it’s up to you. Step out. Growl. Swing your stones. Whatever you need to do. But take on the giant. And go for the win!
You never know where you just might end up.
Just my thoughts.