UnknownI have been doing some research of late on the good things that came to certain people—after the pain. For Joseph and Job (famous characters in the Bible) I should say.
Have you ever noticed that Joseph (the one we read about in the book of Genesis), you know the one who was actually sold into slavery by his own brothers?! Yep, that one. If you know the story, after he ended up in Egypt, he was thrown into prison. But, after a few detours, he became second in command to none but Pharaoh. Not only complete vindication, but absolute freedom and power.
We’ve all heard about the sufferings of Job, too. Yet how many of us recall that “after” the episode of his sufferings was over, he was not only blessed by 10 fold, in each area of his life, he lived another 140 years—giving him time to enjoy it all!
I had to think, first of all, my family has never attempted to sell me as a slave, for which I am grateful, and too, I’ve never had boils. I will say, I’ve had my share of pain and suffering in this life and it’s never something I welcome or enjoy, or handle that well, it I’m honest. But there is always an “after” party of sorts.
In life, we do suffer. This is a very fallen world. But it’s not permanent. The suffering isn’t forever, and in truth, neither is this earth. I guess that’s why it’s so important that we try to “get it right” during the short time we’re given down here. Why? Because “up there” will be for a very, very long time.  That place will definitely be an “after party”. Free of hurt, agony and more. I welcome that destination. Don’t you?
In the meantime, when bad things come my way, I will do my best to remember, I don’t have it as bad as Joseph or Job…it may not be great…but it’s good. And if I’m patient, I’ll get an invitation to that after party—sooner or later.
– Just my thoughts
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