So it’s Mother’s Day. And, if you’re not a mother, or perhaps your own mother is no longer with you, it can be a hard day. It’s a day, for which many folks whom I personally know, choose not to attend church or other festivities—as it just makes the day all the more difficult.  With that, I thought of something that might make you smile should that be the case for you on this day.
As I was driving back from the hardware store yesterday with Bosco in the way back, I got to thinking. What if he could send me a card on Mother’s Day…If he could, what might that say?
Dear owner/mom:
Thanks for letting me hit you with my big red ball when I am trying to get your attention and make you play with me. You never get mad at me and I am so happy. I especially love when you throw it and I chase it.
I am glad, too, that you don’t get too upset when I run up to the top of the hill, hide in the trees, bark, and don’t come down when you call. I just think that is so funny. You always give me a treat when I finally do come, and I want you to know that I like that very much.
Thanks too, for how you brush me and clean me up when I come back up after racing around and playing in the yard. You don’t just wipe the mud off my nose, you get a damp towel so it comes off easier and nice.
And thank you for the other leather chair that sits next to yours. I like sitting with you each morning while you have prayer time and coffee.
The big green chair in the living room is my favorite. But you know that. You’re always nice to open the blinds so that I can look out when you leave the house and while you are gone. And I like that you try to keep me from being lonely, by turning on the TV that has music. Sometimes. You do seem to forget that lately. 
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. It’s a dog’s life, as they say. And I am lucky to call your house my home.
Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day.
Your dog, forever.
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