I wonder how many of you were aware that the first day of May used to be called “May Day”. I asked my grandmother to recall what she could about this particular long lost special day.
“We use to make up little baskets of flowers and put them on people’s porches then run.” This is what she shared with me while recalling the memories of yesteryear. “It was fun when they would open the door and see their flowers but they never knew who brought them. I don’t think they do that anymore.”
She’s right, I don’t think I have ever found a bouquet of flowers on my doorstep at any point in my life. Well, on May 1st, at least. “If you knew another elderly person besides your grandmother, “she chided, “I bet they would remember.”
If you have someone over the age of 75 in your life, ask them what they know about May Day. I would love to hear what stories you learn.
Happy May Day to you!
Just my thoughts.