Words from a saint…or so, they say…
There’s a passage from the Apostle Paul (known as Saint Paul to some) that is so poignant for this time of year. Whether 2014 was a banner year for you, or perhaps more of a challenge, the Scriptures teach us to keep moving forward.
That’s such a healthy mindset.
When you talk to people who have “overcome” you ask them how they did it and they will tell you, “I just put one foot in front of the other. I kept moving forward.”
For those of you experiencing difficult times during this holiday season, may I offer you this piece of advice that fell my way this year: millimeter shifts.

Your Journey Begins

Your Journey Begins Here…

Just like the concept of compounding interest…if you simply make minor adjustments and movements, and keep going, you’ll be able to turn around at some point, and realize the progress you have made. Not only that, the view may quite surprise you.
Embrace the journey my friend. And see you on the other side…2015!
[Passage here]
Here’s to what has been, is, and what is to come.
Just my thoughts,
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