Well, ’tis the season. This is the month that all good couples are encouraged, no, let’s face it, expected, to focus on the following:
-Perhaps Dinner Out
-Perhaps a Gift
It all depends on who is in our lives as we approach this holiday of the heart.
If there is a special lady in your life, may I suggest that you have something planned. Even if it’s recession-friendly. So you can’t do the 5-Star restaurant this year. Not to worry. A nice cozy, in-expensive place will do. Just make sure it’s a good place where you can “chat”.
I know this may be a tough one, but for the good of the order: Don’t be too demanding. It just isn’t necessary and it doesn’t make love, well…love. Love is about who the two of you are when you’re together. A good match. Hopefully. So, let him figure out what to do for the evening, plans and all, let him do the best he can and then with grace, praise him for it. 🙂
This is your night to enjoy those in your life that truly are there for you in and out of season. Grab a few of your favorite bags of chips and a couple of movies you’ve been wanting to see and call those extra special friends over for some good ‘ol “friend” time.
Whatever the case this year, perhaps these tips are for you:
1. Make plans now. They don’t have to be grand. Just make them.
2. Pick your absolute favorite person or pals plural.
3. Do something you really love to do and ask them, today, to join you.
Pretty simple. And with that, we should all have a very happy Valentine’s Day.
PS: Guys, Valentines Day is THIS Thursday.
Just my thoughts.