saddle-419745__180For those of you younger than the age of 45, the phrase, ‘back in the saddle” may be new to you. But for those of us ranging in the “not so new generation,” it’s one we grew up hearing and using.
To say I have not kept up my blogging of late would be an understatement. Some of you may know I have had the privilege of working on a business ( ) and it has more than taken up my time and bandwidth.
I have had the pleasure of guiding and launching the careers and dreams of others, and so, the last thing I have had time for in the past three years, in truth, was myself…
Thanks to now having the gift of a team of members, to share the workload, I am finally in a position to get back on the treadmill, meet with friends and just re-enter the world. It’s all good. No complaints, but if any of you have ever started, or own, a business, you get what I am saying.
Join me in the weeks ahead as I work my way back into the writing graces and, hopefully, your inbox as well.
Keep in touch. Jot me a hello, and here’s to everyday life and the thoughts that await us in the days ahead.
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