All right. Some of you have been asking, so here it is. My take on the mid-term election here in the United States.
As I sit here watching the aftermath of the elections, I am amazed at a particular thought that keeps washing over me.
I have realized something that I hadn’t particularly thought about until the election results were over and I started watching the interviews with those that will inherit the new power. It goes something like this…
Remember in the past when perhaps your boss, or parent, or someone in authority over you just didn’t seem to be making the right decisions. You could not believe the way they were calling the shots. You disagreed wholeheartedly at every turn, and in time, every move they made irritated you if not disgusted you. You knew, that if you were in charge, things would be different – better even. Your take on the situation would be the right one – the solid response.
That is what has perhaps happened here. What follows below may not be my most accurate analogy, but it might go something like this:
Basically, the caretaker comes and responds to the one in their charge saying something like…
“OK, you don’t like the way I have been running the farm. Understood. Here are the keys that you have demanded. You are now in charge. You will be responsible for the mortgage, the landscaping, the servants/employees, the food, the bills, the upkeep and maintenance, all of my business activities, all of the charities I work with, everything. Oh, and the unexpected visits from the barbarians that surprise attack our estate now and then. Everything is yours. You will make the calls. You have assured me that you will not only handle but solve all of these problems. I will look forward to it. I wish you the best. Take care, I will see you later.”
Perhaps the moral to the story is simply:
Be Careful What You Ask For.
Just my thoughts.