If you haven’t seen the movie Braveheart, with Mel Gibson, you should. It’s just plain great. And, it’s even more powerful knowing it’s based on a true story. One famous clip from the film has become quite popular. William Wallace is rallying the troops, preparing the men for the battle of their lives. He races up and down the line on his white horse, fist raised, crying out that this moment could change the entire face of history. They only have to be willing to lay down their lives, for him, and for their beloved country, Scotland.
The inner circle of men, that became his personal band of brothers, remind me of a group known as “The 30” or David’s Mighty Men. I didn’t grow up knowing about them, but they were right there in front of me all along, buried deep within the Old Testament. (See 1 Chronicles 11 and also in 2 Samuel 23). These guys were definitely some of the original super heroes. They truly had the Jason Bourne kinda-thing goin’ on.
These ancient roughians had gathered to David early on while he was being chased down by King Saul. And by the time David was finally seated on the throne, these war torn heroes had been together through thick and thin.
What I didn’t notice, until recently, was one name buried within this special list of warriors. You may recognize it: Uriah the Hittite. Yes, the man who was married to Bathsheba. The woman that David slept with, and well, as they say, the rest is history.
We can’t begin to imagine what raced through Uriah’s mind the day he was ordered to step to the front line. As a professional soldier, and leader, he knew what it meant. “But, why?” Perhaps someone broke rank and shared the secret just before his demise. We’ll never know. Whatever the case, he was loyal and brave to the end possibly never knowing what evil had actually placed him there. We’ll never know. Knowing this tidbit, however, gives the story a fresh and stronger sting.
Now, when we see in 2 Samuel 11 how Uriah refused to go to the comfort of his home and to his wife (while his band of brothers were out in the battlefield) choosing instead to sleep on the steps of the palace regardless of David’s frantic urgings, we find ourselves a bit more angered. This noble, loyal brother was true to the core, and we watch as he is very wrongly led to his ultimate betrayal.
Perhaps you too have experienced a similar event. Maybe from within your own ranks. Perhaps you didn’t fully understand what was transpiring until all the damage was done, and the bitter end was staring back at you. Whatever the case, it may be of interest to you to fully hear and see that you are not alone. You were not the first, and you definitely won’t be the last.
Know this too: Wrongs do not go unpunished. Such was also the case in this tragic story. David and Bathsheba watched the baby born of that incident, sadly, die. And the King himself knew exactly the reason as to “Why?”
Take heart, knowing, that God sees you where you are. He hears your heart’s cry. And, he is with you in this journey.
Stand strong to the end. There truly is a place called “the other side”. And you will not only get there, you will find peace when you arrive.
Just my thoughts,
PS: Called on the carpet. Here.