The Ides of March Are Upon You.  If you sense the need to brush up on your Shakespeare, fret not. You are not alone.

It was just a silly game night. About 20 or so of us gathered in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and and to enjoy food, fun, and table games.  A great way to pass a chilly night to be sure.


It was the conversation about the Ides of March that got the room really chattering.  Apparently, some of the group didn’t read much Shakespeare when they were in school. Others were content to relay the fact that they just plain weren’t too interested in the subject matter — period.  But the saying, “The Ides of March” seemed pretty familiar to most of the clan.


So, as you can imagine, I couldn’t help but do a little homework once I got home to my laptop.


As many of you may recall, March 15 was the day that Julius Caesar was killed. But how many of us remember that it was 44 B.C.?  (Just 40 some odd years before Christ was born!) 


And too, who knew that The Ides of March are celebrated every year by the Rome Hash House Harriers (?) with a toga run through Rome’s streets, in the same place where Julius Caesar was killed? But I digress.


If you want the scoop on the matter,  here is the run down:

– Caesar called on the Senate to meet in the Theatre of Pompey on the Ides of March.

– He had just declared himself Dictator of Rome for life.

– A Fortune Teller warned Caesar to be on his guard on March 15th.

– When the day came, Caesar was on his way to the senate-house.  He saw the Soothsayer and supposedly in a snide way remarked: “The Ides of March has come”,

  To which the seer replied: “Aye Caesar, but not gone”.

– As the Senate convened, Caesar was attacked and stabbed to death by a group of senators who called themselves the Liberatores (“Liberators”);

– They justified their murderous act declaring that they were preserving the Republic from Caesar’s alleged monarchical ambitions.


Hmmmm.  Let’s hope this Stimulus package thing doesn’t get too far out of hand in the Senate. And let’s hope Mr. Obama remains content with the title Mr. President. 


Now don’t you feel smarter already?