imagesIt’s Ash Wednesday. Heads up!
I was sitting in Starbucks chatting away with a colleague when, suddenly, around the corner came a gal with a huge black mark on her head. I literally took two double takes…I am embarrassed to admit.
Of all people, I should have known! I blog on it for heaven’s sake. But the smudge on her forehead was no longer in the shape of an Ash Wednesday cross, it was a horrible mess that looked like a very big personal problem.  Thus my confusion. But back to our point…As you may know, today, Ash Wednesday,  marks the first day of Lent. The season of fasting in preparation for Easter.
The idea, as proposed by the Catholic church, was to set aside a time where we turn our hearts toward the Lord and his sacrifice on the cross. If He could give up His life, we could at least share a bit in that gift of suffering, by acknowledging something we cherish and abstaining for a bit. To remind us of His ultimate gift to us: His life. To bring eternal life to ours.
Folks around the globe will give up sweets, chocolate, soft drinks, and more during this 40 day fasting period as we move toward Resurrection Day.   I can assure you I probably will not give up coffee this season, or chocolate. But I do plan to set aside time to get my heart right, in shape if you will, as we move in the direction of Eastertide.
Do you think about or participate in Lent? If so, I’d love to hear from you. If you have fresh thoughts or any news twists to this tradition that you’d like to share? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Happy Fasting!
Happy fasting season!
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