If you think about it, the life of the single gal is like one of those vote-someone-off reality TV shows. The twist with this TV show of ours is that we want to get voted off!  It would be great if once a week each of our single friends were actually voted off of our show, or “island” and into the land of happily-ever-after, wedded life. But the only way you get voted out of this lonely hearts pack, however– is to get engaged.


When my girlfriends and I get together for a chat we laugh about this. Everyone is trying to be voted off Single Island.  My inner circle schemes during our coffee chats about how to find the best way to perhaps graduate if you will. I have to tell you, we have not yet unearthed the secret. We are all still single.


But back to reality. TV that is.  The reality show, dating thing is quite amazing if you take a good look.  It proves that we could actually begin calling America Single Nation if we wanted to. 


For example, each season producers and directors select yet another group of women that will be paraded in front of a presuming he-man on any given reality-style, love-a-muck show.  I mean, come on! If that many women in America alone are willing to expose themselves (and their heart) on national TV in search of a mate–every few months — there’s a problem. Ladies. Think about it. Thousands of singles audition to be on those shows –and don’t make it!  When you do the math, that’s a lot desperate available women. And they’re usually thin and not bad looking either!


Remember that U.S. Census Bureau I referred to earlier?  In 2005 there were approximately 89.9 million singles in America. (Some reports say 110 million). And in 2006 there were close to 300 million people in the U.S.. Once again, reader take note: practically 1/3 of America is single!

Lots of singles. Lots of TV about singles. And alot of them are thin! (That’s a big deal to us girls.) 

We’ll talk more about the “weight” issue tomorrow.