As I clicked on the video clip, I had been prepared a bit prior for what was about to play out before me.  I don’t know if it was a skit or a real person, but the older woman’s voice on the other end of the telephone was trying to explain to host Ellen Degeneres that this was not her first TV experience.  Suddenly the supposed 88 year-old woman, blurted out “Now, I love Jesus, but I drink a little.” Obviously, that brought the house down. 



Interestingly, my devotion that morning had centered around the topic of intensity. It revisited the story of Jesus’ visit to Mary and Martha’s house.  Martha was the consummate hostess, focusing on the tasks of hospitality and the meal at hand while Mary just lingered at his feet hanging on his every word.  Martha had great intentions, but she was a bit too intense. So much so that Jesus actually reprimanded her in a way for going a bit overboard with her “intentions.” Her good intentions, led to an intensity that caused tension. Hmmmmm. Are you seeing something there?


A phone call with a friend recently led to discussion about how the girls had gone out for the day. Apparently, they had so much fun, that after the time they would have normally wrapped up, they kept their day going.  “But Sara couldn’t join us for the rest of the day. She was over committed and had double or triple booked herself as usual,” the voice from the other end of the phone said with a giggle. “She has such good intentions a big heart. She just can’t say ‘no’!”


As I sat in my car alone this week, after having just left a pretty heavy conversation with another friend, a very firm but loving voice inside my head seemed to say, “Did you have to be that harsh?” Ouch. That stung.  But I knew it was right. I so had not wanted to come off wrong. But apparently, I had.  Fortunately, I was able to go back to that person a few hours later and apologize profusely.  It tells you what a class act this other person was. She gracefully accepted. I was relieved.


Some people need to lose weight. And have great intentions. But when it comes to the process, they go from 7 plates of food a day plus snacks to a ridiculous 300 calories. (Well, not really, but you get the idea.).  I see what they want to accomplish, but with that strategy, their goal is doomed from the start.


In the end, it’s all about balance.  I can get overly upset about a situation. Or, I can be realistic, rethink the entire ordeal and then think it through just a bit more for some clarity.  I can take on too much responsibility and  pile on the committments,  or I can pull back, re-evaluate and make a feasible plan. Whatever it may be for you, I personally know where and when I get too intense.  And I get soooooo embarrassed. A healthy balance may just be my new mantra this week.  Feel free to join me.  Or, better yet, share with us what intensity you might try to temper this coming week.  We can all try to balance out together.


Let us know!