Ever find yourself fighting that very human,  underlying, overwhelming need to compete? Or worse yet, the urge in a conversation to tear another down? Or this, what is it with the need to put someone we don’t like “in their place”? What place? I just don’t get it. 

An event I was a part of came to mind recently.  There was one “moment” that, when it was all said and done, I left the building, crawled into my car and just shook my head all the way home saying to myself, “What just happened in there?”  Here is what I learned that day…
Put a bunch of people in a room and suddenly the alpha dog will emerge. The most beautiful person in the room will make their entrance, and the person who feels over-looked, over-worked, and under-appreciated will be heard and seen. She or he, will be sure to let you know that you have not pulled your weight, you do not know the score, and that you will be crushed. By them. Personally. (whatever!)
Someone else in the room will then suddenly be offended by something or someone else. The offender (once they realize what has happened) will then in turn be offended because they had no idea or intention of offending that person who was offended in the first place! Are you confused yet, or were you able to follow? I know you’ve been there.
Both folks (now offended) will then find solace in some friend or other sympathetic comrade in the room. At this point, the offense passes from ear to ear until two camps slowly form and emerge. Soon, it becomes unclear as to who even started the whole thing and before you know it, somebody blows up and the cat fight is a free for all. Ever experienced what I am talking about? Some people insist on living like this. (Tiring if you ask me.)
Issues. We all have issues.
A very wise sage recently told me,”When people act like that, remember, they are broken. Something is broken. Something is not right. Pray for them. They have needs that are not being met. Pray that God will meet those needs.”
Now, that wasn’t exactly something that I wanted to hear. But it made total sense.  She was right. I was happy. I feel incredibly blessed. Life is good. I have no desire, or need, to insult, anger or hurt anyone.
Hear me clearly, I’m not a saint. Sometimes I act broken too. When my needs aren’t being met it’s easy for me to react. I too, get my feelings hurt more times than I wish. So this lesson was for me as well.
All in all, what it really comes down to is this: The Golden Rule. Do you remember how it goes?
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
If we all did that, there would be a whole lot less offending and fighting going on in this world. Wouldn’t that be nice? That (in my opinion) would be a life worth fighting for.
Just my thoughts,
Read Matthew 5:43-48