As I sat pondering the next words I would pen while pouring over the book I have been working on for the past two years, Suze Orman could be heard from my TV offering up her wisdom to those in need of financial advice.
I had just switched channels. Only moments before, my black lab lay on his back, all fours to the ceiling while absorbing the classical music that had been wafting in the background for the past five hours. I needed a mental break, so Ms. Orman had won the remote war. Needless to say, it was almost midnight when the switch transpired, so my dog headed off down the hall to his rug near my bed. As far as he was concerned, bedtime had been hours prior and he was ready to call it a night. His finances not needing attention I imagined.
As I closed out my files and logged off, I started to make the mental adjustment to the female money guru that chatted away on the screen before me. But she fully caught my attention when these words passed from her lips. “As I tell you every Saturday night: People first. Then money. Then things.” Interestingly, I had just been working on a grid I use to determine my priorities for any given day, or week for that matter.  (It will appear in my upcoming book by the way. If I ever finish!) Her words were like cold water in the face. I immediately grabbed my grid and took a good hard look. Was I truly putting people first? Or, had I scheduled my own selfish needs and desires first today. Or this past week for that matter?
Sometimes, you just need someone to gently point out that the to-do list that sits on your table or desk isn’t really as pertinent as your mother, or your sister, or that quality friend or volunteer opportunity. I have to admit, Suze made me stop and think. Maybe I could tweak my list just a bit more this week. And perhaps, prioritize just a bit better.
May the challenge to you this day be: where can you best invest your time, your energy and your resources this coming week? They are yours to give. Be sure you give them to a worthy and credible force in your life.