Did you know that the Filet o Fish sandwich from McDonalds was a result of a religious tradition? It’s true. As I was flipping through the TIME magazine, my eyes fell on an article that was showing the menu transformation of the fast food chain McDonald’s over the years.  It was the 1962 portion that caught my attention.
The  general public  these days don’t seem to be quite as aware as they used to be, that members of the Catholic faith, and those of other similar denominations,  used to strongly adhere to the eating of only Fish on Fridays. That was the day they abstained from other meat. They fasted it, in a way. During that day, the focus was on “giving up”. Sacrificing. In honor, of sorts, for what Christ did for us via His sacrifice on the cross.
That tradition of the faith was such a part of Western culture, that Fish Fridays became a common option on most, if not all, eateries’ menus
But back to McDonald’s.  Apparently, a man by the name of Louis Groen, of Cincinnati, Ohio, owned a Mickie D’s franchise. He contacted corporate headquarters letting them know that he needed help if he was to keep his Catholic customers–who wouldn’t eat meat on Friday. He was well aware that Catholics, for centuries,  only ate Fish on Fridays, and he was seeing it in his sales.
Thus, the creation of the Filet-O-Fish in 1962
 And so, now you know. 
Knowing that we are in the midst of Lent, perhaps you have given something up, not just on Fridays, but during this 40-day fasting period.  I have a friend who actually gave up Facebook.  It’s been quite a challenge. 
But for today, it’s all about the fish factor. Something for your water cooler chats this week. 
Just my thoughts.