As the radio host chattered away, I noticed that my distraction started to focus in on just exactly what the ranting and raving was all about. Apparently, this person of influence had received a bit of info and he was off and running.
Interestingly, the very location toward which I was driving, and would arrive at shortly, would have the true inside scoop on the very situation at hand.
As I walked through that particular door, I soon found myself in conversation with the key folks that knew what was actually going down from the inside out. And, not surprisingly, the radio host was wrong. But the deed was done. He had riled his troops into a frenzy and the listening audience was starting to panic. Sadly, this person signed off the air without seeking to confirm or correct his blather.
If the show host had been solely interested in creating a buzz, he succeeded. If his intent was to rile and upset. He managed that, too, as well. What saddened me is that he left a lot of clean up and fall out for a lot of hard-working, innocent by-standers.
These supposed people-in-the-know types love to be seen and heard. And if they find themselves with a bit of key information, whether vetted or not, they set out to find the first listening ear they can track down. Basically, they are in essence looking for anything to get into, or keep them in, the spotlight. There is no concern for the innocent parties involved. They have an inside tid-bit, and they are going to use it for what they are sure will be to their advantage.
With that, the next time someone runs to you with news, do your best to ask for the source. You will usually find that people either are hesitant to name it, or at times, they honestly don’t even know the origination. Nor do they care. They heard what they wanted to hear. But a simple, “Where did you get that?” stops of alot of these ner’e-do-wells in their tracks.
Much unnecessary angst and consternation occurs due to this very type of relayed communication. Let’s strive together to be the type of people that don’t perpetuate the mess but work to get the story straight.
And with that, just my thoughts on this lovely fall day.