Well known speaker and author Chuck Swindoll was pointing out some words of wisdom from the Apostle Paul found in the book of 1 Corinthians. These were Greeks he was talking to. Educated, philosophized, cultured folk. But the admonition he gave them was anything but flowery and ethereal. It went more like this:
Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.
Let all that you do be done in love.
Hmmm. Not really something you’d get from a Socrates seminar. But poignant none the less.
But it was Pastor Swindoll’s take on the subject that really caught my attention. He seemed to feel the updated version or translation of this advice for life would go more along these lines: Give it All You’ve Got.
When you first wake up to face a new day, give it all you’ve got!
When you’re dealing with a tough challenge, give it all you’ve got!
When you need to make a difficult decision, give it all you’ve got!
When it’s time to exercise and lift those weights, give it all you’ve got!
When you have to go on after a disappointment, give it all you’ve got!
When the day is long and you want to shut down, give it all you’ve got!
When a change is necessary and you must do it, give it all you’ve got!
When you lose someone close and have to go on, give it all you’ve got!
When the years pile up and you need to end well, give it all you’ve got!
Definitely words for the wise I can sink my proverbial teeth into today. Just think, no matter what the situation, if we all just gave life everything we had, the world as we currently know it would most likely be very different. I’ve been learning and experiencing the power of “one” in my world of late. Wow. That’s another blog to be sure. But for now, if every one of us take on the above mindset, imagine the change we can truly bring about.
Just my thoughts.