Most Americans are not familiar with Boxing Day. We see it on those office supply store produced calendars, but always wonder what it’s about. We think of a day where folks maybe get a chance to punch that annoying visitng family member and let out agressions. Or where office pools bet on who would win a slug fest in the conference room? Or, maybe not.
But there really is a Boxing Day. And for our friends in Australia and the British Isles, it’s been around since 1871 and it’s a pretty big deal. Banks close and stores have blow out sales with early morning busters just like we do during Christmas.
Christmas and Boxing Day are actually related. Apparently, servants had to work on Christmas Day. Then, as they prepared in the evening to leave, their masters would “box up” food and goodies to send with them as they headed out to meet up with their family and friends the next day.
Boxing Day is officially December 26 or a workday in the week following Christmas. And now you know. That nagging wondering of what that “box-in-the-calendar” holiday mystery is — has been solved. It’s more about the giving. And not the receiving of anything remotely like a punch in the face.
Just my thoughts,