As I looked around the premises and took note of the repairs and maintenance that needed tending, I could hear my wallet crying out to me from the kitchen inside. “Are you sure we need to do this?” or maybe it went something like, “Can’t we spend our money on something more fun?” But as I pondered the uneven steps and the separated concrete of my front stoop, followed by the defective walkway, and the rotted wood in the deck in the backyard, I knew deep down in my heart – it was time.
Sometimes we put off the have-tos. We find our reasons and we rationalize them away. But then reality sets in. Like when my 81 year-old neighbor lost his footing and went reeling off that first, mis-placed front step. “Yep. It’s time.” I said. “Time to bite the bullet and get a few things around here fixed. And soon.”
So I had been praying about where to begin. So much to do. So little play money. You know the drill. The deck, the walkway, the steps and if I was really honest, the driveway and the carport too. What to do, what to do?
A few days later, there was a knock at my door. It was a neighbor. His son had been laid off, and he was looking for odd jobs to make the bills. “How about that driveway of yours?” He queried. “Would you like us to come over and do that for you?” My jaw dropped. How could he know? I had only told one or two friends of my dilemma. “Would I?” I replied with a smile. “When can you begin?” Three days later, the deed was done. The driveway looks great. And it was well within my budget. Talk about a blessing.
Should we really be surprised when God sees and meets our needs? If He can create a universe, my situation can’t be too hard to handle. What seemed like a big deal to me, was ultimately a little thing for God.
All I can say is, if you are struggling with something that you just aren’t sure may be God’s best or His plan at this time, trust me. If you write it down, pray about it, and spend a little time waiting on Him, you can be sure He’ll send an answer. It may not be a knock on your front door, but it will come. He’s a big God. Expect to see Him in the little things too.