Have you noticed the church signs of late that tout Holy Week festivites, as you zip down the road? If you haven’t, try to take a quick glimpse in the next couple of days. Without compromising your safety of course.
 Just a quick tip, it will be more of the Methodist and Episcopalian type of churches that will have these. They seem to be more traditional in keeping the events of that week more so than other denominations. Think “high” church.
But consider this your invitation to join us here, begining Friday. We will be walking you through the Holy Week and giving you the scoop. Sort of following where Jesus went and what he did each final day. Think of it like this: if you only had one week left on earth, where would you go, who would you see and what would you say? It should be interesting.
Why Friday? Well, because that is truly when the last week of Jesus begins. You see, as we follow the final journey together, you will need to remember this 1) Jesus and His buddies were Jewish, and  2) they were preparing for and participating in the Passover that week.  So, we will begin with where Jesus was as they got ready for that Festival.
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