Most of us will admit, we grew up hearing that statement. If it didn’t come from our mothers it came from some other well meaning soul that wanted to help us along our way.

Sometimes, it’s not even the saying of anything that hurts –it can be simply the actions.  More times than not, I can remember where someone didn’t have to say a word. They were just “rude” or mean in their behavior.  I think you follow me on this one. 

I was assisting a friend with a project awhile back. There were some other folks involved and for some reason, they just didn’t seem to like my presence. Rather than explain what the problem was, they decided to just, oddly enough, be rude. It wasn’t the words they chose necessarily as it was the tone, or their body language when they said it.

It’s amazing how people can say something like “Pass the stapler” and make it sound like you just cut them off in traffic while they have to be at their destination in five minutes-and they are still 20 minutes away. And it’s your fault. Strange.

And too, sometimes people seem to have the need to let you know that the color or the shirt that you’re wearing, “Just isn’t workin’ for ya today.” Or, that perhaps you might want to rethink that “idea” you had.  For whatever reason, they need to let you know, in some way, that you are a bit less, or inferior to them.


I don’t know how their treatment of you and me in those situations makes them feel better, but alas, I guess it does.

With that, regardless of the odd-bird whos or whats in your life today, remember this old saying too: misery loves company.

So, don’t keep company with the miserable. Leave them alone. Let them go their way. And for you my friend, if you can’t say something nice back, just don’t say anything at all. 

Just my thoughts.


Prov. 15:1