So a friend and I were talking about the plots and story lines of certain pieces of literature. It was just a conversation, but I admitted to her that I hadn’t read certain classics and best sellers as I just didn’t enjoy the premise or appreciate the amorality of some of the content.
Then, while watching some television that same night, I started noticing one particular plot that played out before me. Here is what I found:
Our heroine is the supposed moral compass amidst a crazy mix of characters.
Her father was an illegal immigrant that held the secret, only to have finagled connections that helped him finally obtain his citizenship legally.
Our heroine’s sister is a single mom that is having an affair with a married man.
The son of her sister is portrayed as a pre-adolescent with strong homosexual characteristics.
Her boss got a woman pregnant, and then the woman died. Leaving the son with the unsuspecting boss, now father.
The boss’s sister is really his brother, who had a sex change. And is actually the true father of the boy, as he, too, slept with the same woman.
A co-worker, who happens to be an executive, slept with and married the boss’s father, the owner. When the owner suddenly died, the executive had another woman impregnated with the owner’s seed in order to claim an heir.
The mother of the boss, years earlier, killed a woman that was having an affair with her husband, the company’s owner.
And this is a comedy!
So I began to realize, my shunning certain literature while investing in “entertaining” television left me feeling a wee bit hypocritical.
All I can say? We’ve come a long way from I love Lucy and Gilligan’s Island. That, we can be sure.
Just my thoughts.