There are times in life where you and I find ourselves in a position of power. Maybe you find yourself at a point, like my GPS, where a little voice says, “YOU have arrived.” Even if it be ever so brief. When you or I come into a position of power, people watch to see how we handle it. Sometimes, there has been a painful journey to get that coveted place, and perhaps, we suddenly find ourselves thinking, “I have paid my dues! I’m taking everything that comes my way and that I can get. This is MY time.” Maybe you can relate.
The new promotion, the corner office, the plum job or the project someone else wanted, the award, the gig, the long awaited event, the friend, the husband or boyfriend, the moment of attention or the time you finally one up someone that you really feel deserved it –or, whatever. You worked hard to get there. You paid your dues. Now it’s your time!
It’s sometimes even just one of those moments when we are king of the hill or belle of the ball, and we know it. The most popular or beautiful person in the room. The star or the toast of the town. The chairman of the club or the quote of the week. The professional opinion or the consultant. The highly favored, or highest paid, if even for a day. The person in charge. Whatever the position or situation, at that moment, when if finds you, you know it, and you know it well. And you have a choice. Power to flaunt, or humility of spirit. Power to take. Or power to serve. Power to get revenge or the grace to just let it go.
You know what I am talking about. That sideways glance that lets the lesser person of the moment know that you are the one on top, or that you definitely won this round. The look that says you are in power, and that person had better be careful, or, revenge WILL occur. It’s just a matter of time. Maybe it’s that choice line that you throw their way to let them, or others in the room know, that they will pay for what they have done. Or perhaps it’s the comment you let drop to a key individual to “let them know” that you know.
Basically: it is a moment in time when the position of power is in your hands. And others are watching to see how you will handle it and what you will do with it.
It’s a choice we make. What will it be…for you?
Just my thoughts,