Bailey the great white pyranees


From the Lessons Learned from Bosco & Bailey series
Some of you may recall the movie The Tail That Wags the Dog. That title, as you might know, comes from a well-known saying.
But it wasn’t until I watched my sweet Bailey (my great white Pyrenees) always getting the short end of the stick when Bosco (the black labrador retriever) was present, that I had a revelation and a new twist on the subject of a dog’s tail.
Maybe you can relate. Is this happening to you? As I pondered, I began to notice that when both dogs are in the room at the same time, Bailey, for some reason, always ends up behind Bosco, his tail constantly batting her in the face. He inevitably positions himself in front of her, and in any given situation, maneuvers her gently behind him.
black labrador retirever, black lab

Bosco, in front of his buddy Wes.

Now, Bosco is a lab, and if you know that breed, they wag their tails even when you scold them. They are just happy dogs, and I’ve even come to nickname Bosco “Mr. Happy.”
But it certainly can’t be pleasant if you’re the one experiencing the wake of a tail on a regular basis.
Perhaps someone in your life, well-meaning or not, inevitably, in any situation continues to end up ahead of you, or in the lead. It might be fate, it might be intentional, but regardless—you constantly find yourself behind them receiving nothing but the effects of their tail in your face. Frustrating, no?
Bailey, mind you, seems to accept it simply knowing that Bosco is friendly fire. We humans, however? Well, that’s another story. We tend to let it eat at us.
wake, tailwind, in someone's shadow

Are you in someone’s wake?

Maybe that’s what Prince Harry of England has felt on more than one occasion? Which brings to mind the story of another prince. He was direct in line for the throne but always found himself in the wake of his best friend, who in the end actually became king!
Fortunately, for Prince Jonathan, he, like Bailey, knew it was not intentional. They were besties, but David somehow always managed to come out ahead and in the lead. Still, it had to be irritating, and the prince’s composure in the situation has to be noted and admired.
Are you experiencing this type of scenario of late? If so, are you are in the wake of someone who does it intentionally? Now that’s a different story. We question why. We get angry. Then bitter. Then more. Perhaps we even consider or contemplate some type of revenge or vengeance.
In times like those, we ask, “What is the best plan of action or attack?” It’s hard to say. But we all know that fighting fire with fire doesn’t usually end up well. Both sides usually experience casualties of some sort.
So what’s a human to do? Well, like Bailey and Jonathan, you can accept that the well-meaning one in front of you has no earthly idea what they are putting you through on a daily basis—and simply focus on the relationship. Or, you and Bailey might one day just have enough and snap. But I hope you both don’t. Perhaps a gentle conversation when the moment is right so that you don’t pop is in the stars. Trust me, you’ll know when that window of opportunity arises. If it does, take it.
But for those of you experiencing the nasty strategic face beating, perhaps this might help…if just for today. Here are some thoughts:

  • Those folks with ill intent are rarely popular with the masses. In the end, when the chips are down, they tend not to have a lot of friends who are there for them. (Their doing. Their loss.)
  • When you come down to their level, you did just that…you came down. Suggestion? Don’t.
  • For those of you who believe in the power of the Almighty, these two passages might be encouraging as you ponder your next “I’ve had enough” moment. (Old Testament here, or New Testament here.)

Whatever the case, I hope our time together today has brought you some clarity, encouragement, or perhaps to new thought. If anything, the stories I shared may have a few nuggets of wisdom that speak to you. Either way, I’d love to hear from you.
Just my thoughts on this day.
— Stephanie
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