“Did you hand my car keys back to me?” I queried? “Yes, “ came the very assured response. And with that my friend and I hugged and parted ways. About 20 minutes later I went to gather my things and head out the door. As I fished in the special pocket of my purse, to my surprise, my keys were not there.
My friend had just been chiding me, as she often does, that I need to take my Gingko. My memory this year hasn’t been the best, I will be the first to admit, as I have had many amazing lapses. I think she truly wonders at times if senility isn’t setting in a bit early.
We had just been talking about how we had met one evening at an office before we went grocery shopping. “We met at the office and went from there. Don’t you remember?” I stared at her blankly. For the life of me, I had no recollection. I did recall shopping with her that night, but nope. The office was a blur.
So it was with a bit of poetic justice when I dialed her cell phone. When she didn’t pick up, I assumed that she had found the keys and was already heading back in my direction. In rush hour traffic, I couldn’t imagine she was all too thrilled with the situation, so I didn’t begrudge her not picking up as I left a message.
“Uh, you know. I don’t think you really did give me back my keys. I just looked in that pocket of my purse, and they aren’t there. I think you may still have them.” Actually, I had turned every article of clothing, and my purse inside out thinking my memory slippage was the true culprit. But alas, this time, it was my ginko- reminding friend!
When she did finally return my call, much to our chagrin, she had just pulled into her driveway at home. For some reason, she must have switched her phone to vibrate and didn’t have it on her person as she drove. So my calls went unnoticed.
All in all, we had a good laugh when she brought them back to me. As she sheepishly held out my keys I warned her never to tease me again about taking my Gingko.
We busy people these days just seem to be a bit on overload. And a good laugh to me anyway, seems to be the best medicine of all.