The Presidential election is heating up, and folks are getting hotter as well by the minute…
I don’t know why I was so surprised at the frustration over not seeing eye to eye with a particular individual. It was a very simple premise. But when you think about it…that is why wars are fought. You see things one way, I, with my different background and beliefs see things another way. You dig in. I entrench. Shots get fired. And, well before you know it, the battle rages.
People who want to eradicate misunderstandings, disagreements, wars, and etc., are ignoring a very human reality. One that will never be wiped away. I am not going to change the way I was brought up and how I believe. In turn, it is not very likely that you will change either. What to do, what to do, what to do?
There is a saying I heard that goes like this: When in a tug of war, let go of your end. If you think about it, there’s some wisdom there. If both sides are huffing and puffing and pulling with all their might, and suddenly, one side just “let’s go”…what happens? That’s right. The side left with the rope all falls down.
Now, am I saying to just give up, even when you believe deeply about something? Nope. Am I saying if you get tired of the fight, let go? No. Not that either. What I am saying is that many times in our lives, certain arguments and disagreements simply aren’t going to be resolved. Period. Sometimes, one side just needs to let go, accept that the two sides shall never agree, or aren’t willing to work on a solution, and thus move on. It’s that easy.
If you deep down know that you aren’t going to change your way of thinking, and too, you know deep down, the other person is not going to change, then why fight? Neither of you are going to successfully convince the other. Someone has got to let go. It might as well be you. Save your energy for the crises and the real things in life that need your attention and matter. The point? Staying mad, pointing blame, holding a grudge, all take energy. Energy that can best be used for healthy purposes and the good of mankind. So, why not let go, and get going…in the right direction.
Just my thoughts,