So… an online magazine in Canada was kind enough to do the nicest review of my book…
If you hadn’t heard by now, yes, I wrote a book. And I wrote it to give the Single Person a smile, a laugh and a pat on the back. It’s a fun read, or so…I am often told. 🙂
As we enter the holiday season, this a great, considerate, encouraging gift for that single person in your life or that friend who is struggling with the Single Season they are finding themselves in. Maybe it’s you.
Whatever the case, the book touches on most every area of life. From how to make a new group of friends and keep them, to dealing with family over the holidays. Pets that are our “kids”, caring for the elderly while “alone”…and it that’s not enough, I’ve included an entire section on YOU and your goals and dreams. I have some little tests or worksheet type things that make you take a real look at where you, where you’d like to be and where you should be going.
I hope you will share this book with a friend, even if you only read it for yourself. It’s a FAST, fun read. I promise.
You have some options:
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And here’s the kind Canadian review. Be sure you find it on page 32 if you get lost in linkville…
Thanks again to so many of you for your amazing support of this project. Appreciate you!
Faith Filled Familly Review: