“…loving kindness, good humor and self-awareness…These are the things to which we aspire in all areas of our lives”.
Such were the words our yoga instructor chose to close out our class that morning.
As I attempted to release my ankle from my thigh, rotate my shoulders back to their normal position and successfully re-locate my feet I began to work toward re-entry into the real world. Those final words really struck a chord with me though and rang heavy in my ears as I gathered and packed up my gear.
“Hmmm.” I muttered to myself while exiting the torture chamber, (er, studio). What a concept those few words posed. As I trapsed past the water dispenser I could imagine the various scenarios that take place, and how differently they might play out if that simple phrase became action.
For example, when that annoying individual enters our personal space, instead of looking up with that “make it good and make it fast” glance that we are prone to shoot, what if we truly stopped and thought loving kindness, good humor and self-awareness as they crossed the threshhold into our domain? The outcome of that momentary connection could be radically different to be sure.
Passing the treadmills and heading towards the door, I was embarrassed as I thought back on the many times I have showed my annoyance or arrogance in certain situations. How difficult would it truly have been in those moments, no matter how tired, irritated or whatever I was, to simply have mustered up a light smile, offered a heart-felt laugh or realized how I was coming across during that interaction. Why? Because that is what they will remember most about our time together.
If truth be told, we do tend to think a bit higher of ourselves than we ought on most days. It’s not something I like to admit. But it’s true none the less. It then struck me that the self-awareness part of the mantra is what wraps up the entire little phrase.
Maybe that being self-aware part should be placed at the beginning of our day everyday, to get our attention, I mused. If we started there, think of how differently our day could go. Or, if it’s not too late, still can go for you or me. It’s definitely something to aspire to? Namaste. 🙂
Just my thoughts.