Nowadays when we hear about America, we tend to only hear about how we are not appreciated or perceived well abroad. Celebrities (who have made their millions off of the American Dream and capitalism) speak negatively about who we are and how we operate.  So I got to thinking and as usual, did a bit of research. 

I for one, am pretty proud of the American Way.  For centuries, people rode horses and in carriages and worked by candlelight.  It wasn’t until America was born that things began to change for the better. Not only here, but internationally.  Take the inventions alone on our native soil for example. Here are a few things on that American resume:

       The Submarine

       The Cotton Gin

       The Coffee Pot

       The Steamboat

       The Panama Canal

       The Sewing Machine

       Power Tools

       The Telegraph

       The Passenger Elevator

       The Typewriter

       The Telephone

       The Phonograph

       The Escalator

       The Zipper

       The Dishwasher

       Air Conditioning

       The Airplane

       The Television


       The Polio Vaccine

       The Video Game

       The Space Shuttle

       The Hubble Telescope


And we wonder why people still want to come here? God Bless America.

My home, sweet home.