If you follow politics you will note that there’s a lot of debate going on about what the Republican Party (that took a national hit this past November) should now do.
There is discussion as to whether or not to separate from religious issues. There is strife and fear that the party will become too liberal. 4.1 million Republicans didn’t vote in this election. And 4.2 Evangelicals stayed home as well. Apparently, the fur is flying. And no one really knows what this GOP animal will look like when the dust truly settles. One thing is sure, morality issues will continue to motivate a lot of voters. Some voters are for them, some are flat out against them.
All I know is, as much as I’d like for folks to be God-fearing, honorable people, the reality is, that just won’t be the case. Today I sat with some colleagues as we watched O.J.Simpson not only be sentenced but reprimanded by a Nevada judge. It’s ashame, but she had to explain to him that just saying, “What I did was stupid,” doesn’t warrant a “That’s OK, we all make mistakes. You can go home now, sir,” response.
Oddly enough, we have become a society that thinks like that. “Well, we all make mistakes.” Or “We’re all human.” Funny, but if you hit me, I don’t call that a mistake. If you cuss me out, that’s not a mistake either. If you willingly have sex with someone that is not your spouse, that’s not a mistake. That’s a decision to be with that person for the purpose of your and their pleasure. That’s pretty basic.
So the battle on what is right and what is wrong rages. The 60’s taught us it was best to just love. Don’t be angry. Don’t fight. But since then, I can assure you, our crime rate here at home has not gone down. And the tyrant list of the world? It isn’t getting any smaller either.
So I guess the dilemma is this: do you work to pass morality laws to make people that don’t want to be moral be just that – Moral? Or, do you pass laws for the protection of the majority. To preserve the integrity and safety of any and all present and future individuals? Therein will lie the continuous debate.
If you ask me, the greatest thing we can do is pray for individuals to experience true love and freedom from the inside out. When they find the straight and narrow path, they will want to choose good over evil. But if they are determined to take the broad road, there really isn’t anything you and I can do about it. (Except love them and pray, of course.)
Which brings us back to our original point. Love ‘em or fight ‘em or maybe some degree of both? It’s a decision each of us will have to consider and then make. Standing on the sidelines isn’t working anymore.
With that, I do know, I like to be safe. And I like a healthy and happy environment. I also know that I respect the wisdom of our forefathers, and I’d like to preserve that as well. If we as citizens can move in those directions then by all means, count me in. Everyone loves a good fight now and then. Especially, when the battle is for what you know deep down inside – is right.