Sometimes in life, things happen that look permanent. You can’t imagine anything good coming from the situation. No hope at all. But then, something amazing happens.What do I mean by that?
I was sitting in a most lovely Tenebrae service this past Friday at my church. It was the usual profound story, but then, a poignant moment struck me.
Imagine a very wealthy, powerful man in your community who has spent time and money commissioning his family gravesite out of a stone area. The skilled craftsmen have been cutting, chiseling, smoothing, all by hand. It’s a luxury most of us will never have. We will, most of us, most likely be placed in a box that goes into the ground.
Then, picture this man, approaching the authorities in a most clandestine fashion, asking for the body of the most notorious criminal, recently executed with government authority, and placing that dead body into this new, private tomb.
That’s what Joseph of Arimathea did. With the help of Nicodemus. They were devastated. The person who they had recently come to believe could change the world they were living in, make it better—the one who had “answers” …was suddenly and violently taken from them.
Fear. Anxiety. Feeling lost. Forlorn. Plan A was gone. But what would Plan “B”…be?
Thankfully, they didn’t have to worry for too long, and they didn’t have to come up with one.
That Sunday morning, Jesus made surprise visits to those near and dear to him. Friends, family and disciples alike were able to see Him in person. Alive and very well.
Something wonderful had happened. The impossible. A miracle. And the world has never been the same.
If you are facing something that appears unfixable…if you are scrambling for answers or a plan…I invite you to place your thoughts, prayers and hope in the one who conquered death. It’s a very simple, yet complex belief. But just like for Joseph and Nicodemus, you too will come to see, there is a Sunday. And it will be very, very good.
Happy Easter friends.
He is risen…
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