“Aren’t you possibly just outdated and fighting it?” was the retort from the attractive television host (who is presumed gay by elite inner circles). He posed that question to his conservative guest on the screen while a gay rights activist sitting next to said host continued to verbally pound the traditional marriage proponent.
My heart sank, have we really come to the point where a majority of our citizens truly believe that marriage between a man and a woman is “archaic”? That thought saddened me greatly. Many in the main stream media, as well as those in higher institutions, have for some time now viewed folks with traditional values as just plain out of sync, or even more so, ignorant. My mind continued to spin.
What if we continue to “outdate” the man + woman = marriage equation? Where will we be in say, 25 years? You know, don’t answer that. It’s late, and I don’t want to think that hard right now as I sit here peacefully watching my dog, and the dog I took in from the flood, lazily snoring at my feet.
I guess, when it’s all said and done, what it really comes down to is this: people that spew anger or personal venom at traditional, or, Judeo-Christian values are fighting for their personal right to live the lives they themselves believe in. If they back down and accept another or opposing view, then it would prove their chosen lifestyle as perhaps “wrong”. And therein lies the rub. That would be the unthinkable for them. Therefore, in their minds, it’s something to fight for, or over. I can understand that. We fight for what we believe in.
The news anchor I was watching as well went on to berate the traditionalist. The rights activist chattered on about his personal “suffering” while stating adamantly that the courts are merely in place to protect the majority. Basically, what he was trying to say was this: if a majority of folks decide to overthrow a law (or the Constitution even) then let it be done! The people are to rule. Not the given law. Our laws are there simply to be overturned when we are ready to do so. At that point, I wasn’t feeling so great, so I turned off the television. [It brought to mind the French Revolution. Factoid for your day: we have had one Constitution in the last 200+ years while France has been through nine in the same time period!]
I had to be sure I was getting this right. Are folks today saying that if you and I decide, as a majority of course, that something once viewed as immoral or wrong, is now best for the greater good, we should simply storm the courts, prove we are the majority, and with a wave of our angry fists overturn laws we deem “archaic” or ill placed ?
It’s a fair and weighty question. Is the country we live in today truly what our forefathers envisioned? Are we the people today holding firm to that for which they willingly sacrificed their very fortunes, their lives and their sacred honor?
This discussion may be a bit melodramatic for some, I would imagine. But one thing is pretty clear: there are a lot of people out there still loving, living, and dying for this country. They are not fighting for a personal vendetta. They are fighting for freedom. They fight for historic principles, and for many, their personal faith.
Here’s where I get concerned: if America is the land of the free, and it is, and if you and I are free to believe and worship as we choose, and we still supposedly are, and, if freedom of thought is encouraged, and it still is, then when people demand that I respect their thoughts, shall I not in turn demand they respect mine? Seems fair enough to me.
Maybe those in our midst who feel “otherwise” about moral issues, marriage, or whatever deep seeded belief need to be reminded of that fact. And maybe the fire in the bellies that we are seeing of late is an awakening of sorts that lies within this truth. Maybe the battle we hoped to keep at a distance, that for awhile was in our own living rooms (or bedrooms) is making its way into the town square. If “free to be you and me” is truly the order of the day, then I can see why people are beginning to boldly state and declare the freedoms they personally hold dear.
Just my thoughts.