Well, who knew! I can now be found, well, not me actually, but you can find my book at Amazon.com.
Pretty nifty, eh?
Well, that is if you are single…or know someone who is. But then, we’re hearing from married women and men that like it too!
Here’s the link:

Or, you can just go to Amazon.com and look it up: WHEN YOU GROW UP AND GET…SINGLE
So, my new book is out. But before you go buying it at Amazon, just know you can also order it from this website. (JUST CLICK ON THE BOOKSTORE TAB). Your order will ship out the same day you order, and too, it will save you money when you go through our team.
But that’s just an FYI. Everyone is welcome to order as they wish! How they wish. Truly!
My book is One Girl’s Dish on Making the Single Life Work.
From the time we’re little girls, we hear, “When you grow up and get married…” But that scenario doesn’t always play out exactly as we plan. Huffman teaches single girls keys for getting the most out of life, the secret to taking on challenges with a smile, and explains the value of finding love and encouragement among friends. Packed with real-world stories and advice from a real-world single gal, When You Grow Up and Get…Single proves that parties of one cannot just survive – but thrive – in a table for two sized world.
I hope you will share this with a single friend or two. I would love for the book to bring them a smile.
Just my thoughts,