For those of you that watch the Weather Channel, you were quite aware, no matter what part of the country you live in, that during the first weekend in May 2010, Nashville recieved 3 months of rain in a 48 hour period. DownTown Flood
I will never forget turning on the TV that Sunday afternoon, only to see the subdivision where one of my single gal friends lives. All one could see was the roof tops of her condominiums surrounded by water! Little red islands in a sea of brown. I was horrified. I kept flipping the channels while saying out loud, “This can’t be right.” I placed a few frantic calls to her — but no answer.
When I did finally hear from her the next day, the worst was confirmed. She had fled her condo. Her car was a complete loss, and so was the entire first floor of her home. I was in shock. “It happened so fast!” were the words one heard repeatedly all over Nashville.
It’s a year later, but last week, our southern states were hit–again. This time by horrific tornados. 190 of them in one 24-hour period alone. I hardly know one person who isn’t connected in some way to the tragedy and the loss. It’s been a very odd time when one looks back at last year, and now faces the devastation of this past week too.
Yet, we have to remind ourselves, these situations are not new. Those of us in Nashville are now on the other end of the experience. Yes. It was tough. But we are still here. And we are OK. I believe the same for the folks in the Alabama and the surrounding regions. This is a difficult time. But they will come through this. They will survive. And they will come out of this strong.
Let’s keep them in our prayers at this time.
Just my thoughts,