Pets for some folks are like family. And, for many of us singles who don’t have kids, we have dogs. Or cats. Or bunnies. Or birds….If you have not personally as yet found that quintessential quadruped of choice, you really should think about it.
I was shocked when a friend of mine called at the end of August. She’d been gone for a few weeks. When she came home, though she’d hired someone to care for her sweet cat, she arrived to find that her precious critter of 15 years was dying. The night she returned home, she found herself in the emergency pet hospital making the decision to put the beloved friend to its final rest.
When I picked up the phone today to retrieve my voicemail, I would never have dreamed that another gal, a mutual friend of myself and the girl who lost her cat, was calling to say she, now, was on her way to put down her chocolate Laborador Retriever, “Happy.”
Needless to say, I was speechless. These gals, like me, have not-yet-married. And those furry friends can become quite a part of your life. They bring incredible joy. They comfort you when you’re blue and they make you laugh. They are there when we come home to a cold dark house at the end of a long trip, or day. And they are there to greet us when we awake in the morning.
Those who have never experienced that special, amazing bond with a pet may not be able to relate to today’s thoughts. But for those of you that have, your heart I am sure goes out to my two friends.
If you have a pet, may I suggest you pat on them them a tad more tonight, walk them a bit longer and buy that bag of treats you’ve been thinking about next time you are at the store. They are worth the vet bills and the food bags and the flea and tick repellant that they cost.
So here’s to our Furry Friends. The ones God created just for us. I, for one, am so glad that He did.
Just my thoughts.