I was cruising the usual blogs and articles when I came across some interesting data. Got to Googling as one does, and came up with some nifty info I couldn’t help but share. It being an election year and all, I can’t help but imagine politics not being a topic that I touch on from time to time.
So I came across an article from April of this year on CNN.com. Their story’s highlights read like this:
– Single women make up more than a quarter of the electorate, according to survey
– They could play same role for Dems that evangelicals did for Republicans in 2004
– Single women less likely to vote than married women
– Unmarried women tend to be Democrats, according to survey.
I then saw where a well known political pundit stated that the swing vote in this election will be single moms. Remember the soccer moms phenomenon of 1996 and then the proclaimed security moms in 2004? Well, now it appears to be the unmarried women, mostly with children, who will supposedly determine the outcome of the upcoming election. Hmmmmmm.
One commentator was explaining that the current president, (Bush #43) has been unable to crack the solidly Democratic voting habits of African-Americans and single women. He also noted that more than half of John Kerry’s vote (2004) came from three groups that make up about one-third of the population: blacks, Hispanics and unmarried white women.
To bring perspective, Bush carried married women by 54 percent to 45 percent but apparently lost single women, get this, 36% to 63%. Wow!
According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Facts and Features, 36% of the voters in the 2004 election were single. That is more than one-thrid! It will be interesting to see that number once the data comes in this fall.
So, one thing is for sure, if the stats above give you an idea of the power of the single woman’s vote, then all I can say is: Are you registered?
Girl power to ya’. See you at the polls!