Nothing But The Blood


Description #1: This beautiful song ended up as a medley on the album. Basically, we started off with Oh, How I Love Jesus then moved into this tune. It was producer Alan’s doing, and I loved it from the get go. It’s always a crowd favorite and the perfect sing-a-long for during concerts. Audiences love joining in. I hope you will too!



Description #2:  Most hymns are a bit like marching music. When you hear them they almost sound too as if they could be a rousing drinking song. And to be honest, many hymn tunes were just that! Popular melodies that people recognized and sang making the transition to the new lyrics a bit easier. That’s why I absolutely loved what Alan did with this medley. Opening up with O, How I Love Jesus, the surprise shift at the end was a welcome twist. I so enjoyed doing this song in concert, because the audience knew the words, knew the lyrics, and the style was close enough to the original that they could really sing-a-long. It was a bit trickier when the song moved into Nothing But The Blood, but it added a variety that they always enjoyed.

As many people know, my heart was to take these amazing old songs and freshen them up a bit with tunes and arrangements that would keep people singing them. They so deserve never to be forgotten.


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