Write You


Description #1: As a young girl, I was very moved by the fact that people would give up the lives that they knew to travel a world away and commit to leading people in another country to Christ. My mother always had missionaries in our home. Lunch after church, perhaps those in town who were home on furlough. It’s just what we did. Their stories fascinated me. But deep down, I was secretly afraid God would call me Africa. You have to understand, these were the days of no internet, no cell phone. Once you left, you were pretty cut off. As you can see, I never ended up on the sub-continent, except to enjoy a visit to Morocco – where I visited missionary friends! This song, however, was written when friends of mine decided to leave the states to serve the Lord in Germany. I am pleased to say, I actually got to travel there to visit them too at one point in my 20s. It was a moving trip.



Description #2:  I don’t remember where I was when this tune and the words started coming to me, but it was definitely when I was in my teens. It was exciting to give a copy of this album to one of the couples I had in mind when I wrote this song. It meant something to them, and it thrilled my heart.


It sure was fun when we were kids the future wasn’t ours to give

I knew of you, you knew of me, how could we know where you would be

I so admired when you’d come from, your family was a faithful

Each member lived for him, it’s true, and now their hearts and prayers send you


But do I ever write you?

Do you hear me say, that I’m thankful to you, for loving him that way?

For telling them God loves them and that he’s always there

and that eternal life takes only just prayer


And deep inside we hold a dream of one day in heaven meeting those we’ve never seen

to hear their tales and share ours as well

One day as you kneel in prayer a man in robes will join you there

Without a word you’ll know it’s true— that man is there because God sent you!


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