“I have always loved the hymns. The artistry of their rich texts so beautifully carries forth the gospel message. As believers, I think it is beneficial for us, and for those who come after us, that we learn to esteem and value the heritage of these timeless treasures. That was the catalyst for this hymn and gospel song project. It seems we live in a world today where ti is not uncommon to find churches praising God with nary a hymnal in sight. I hope to offer these worshippers a new love for an old art—while helping those who sing these words each Sunday rekindle their passion for the spiritual wealth found in these time-honored, sacred classics.

One of the best comments I have heard lately came from a well-known country artist. Her point was that things just don’t happen until the right team is in place. I have been so amazed and blessed by the talented people that the Lord truly brought together to bring this album to fruition. Sometimes things just fall into place…this album was one of those things.”— Stephanie. (Eccl. 3:1)


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