The press is abuzz today about the surprise splash that Governor Sarah Palin made onto the political scene last night. No matter what side of the aisle you claim, we all know, that speech created a surge of its own. No one saw it coming. If anything, we expected some slight swirls. But no one predicted the tidal wave that slammed onto the political shoreline of the Twin Cities.
Speaking of coming out of nowhere, I got to thinking about another analogy today. That of planting bulbs, roots, or seeds. As you know, once something is planted, an entire culture begins to get busy at work in the dark. Then suddenly, at a given time, unsuspecting and without any notice, a beautiful tulip might emerge from the bulb, or a fascinating flower bursts forth from the earth and into bloom.
Like the roots hidden beneath the ground that finally produce a rose, I doubt that Gov. Palin, or the country for that matter, ever expected Alaska to produce such a show. It’s dark. It’s cold. And for that matter, who even goes there? But working quietly away, thousands of miles from the heart of our nation, sight unseen, a woman was at work. And when the time came for her to burst forth onto the national scene, she was ready.
There are probably times when you feel alone or forgotten in the quiet of your own little world. You too work busily away in the dark, where no one seems to notice and you wonder when your time will come. Perhaps you have found that you were overlooked for that prized project or promotion. Maybe a friend has gotten engaged, and you sit alone once again on Saturday night. Only you know. But the point is, you are waiting for your time. And you want to shine.
Maybe, just maybe, it’s because the timing isn’t right. Could it be that some other experience you will need down the road has not yet crossed your path or been completed on your part? Perhaps the soil you are in isn’t quite right and some adjustments need to be made. And too, the feeding process could be off. Whatever the case, regardless of the circumstances, something is going on the dark. And in due time, when all the elements come together and align, the roots beneath the surface will produce an amazing display. Much like the one we saw last night.
So, my dear friend. Don’t fight the darkness. Keep working. And when your time comes, simply take your moment and burst forth.