I can remember working for and with some men that made it very apparent they “didn’t get their hands dirty.”


At events and conferences I watched time and again as they would arrive late, meander, look busy and then suddenly leave early. This only caused great consternation among the troops and I wondered if they ever realized the impact they were having on their downlines.


When they were not present, decisions had to be made, and were made. But not always by the right person and or with the company’s best interest in mind.


To these people, their personal agendas were apparently more important than the people that reported to them. Looking important was more of a focus than doing. And for some bizarre reason, they believed that being involved and digging in made them look weak. Where people get that idea, I will never know.


On the contrary, I have also worked with folks, in leadership, that arrive on time, if not early, answer questions, watch the room, are on hand to assist, and stay until the end. Sometimes I have even seen them help to clean up.


What a contrast in leadership styles to be sure.


I can attest to the fact that the leaders that were rather vacant ran a pretty loose team and if truth be told, usually, they did not accomplish the set goals. In addition, there was generally quite a bit of internal fighting in their ranks as well. With the leadership rarely “present”, that should have been no surprise.


The leaders that were on hand rather, or were willing to pitch in and help, ran a pretty tight ship. Even if they had to be elsewhere, they checked in by phone, email, or text message. They also made sure the team back at home knew the boss was aware of the goings on and consistently addressed and cared for needs and problems as they arose.


So, are leaders “born” with a style? Do they intentionally determine their modus operandi or, is leadership something that is taught, studied, and honed? I guess you could argue both sides. But I can tell you this, the team that has leaders that are engaged, usually come out the winners.


Can you imagine a football team going to the Super Bowl with a coaching staff that is on their cell phone or going to Starbucks for meetings all of the time?


It’s the guy with the clip board, in the grass, out in the hot sun sweating with the team that brings home the ring.


It’s the CEO that checks in with each team leader consistently and stays current in regards to the goings on of the staff and the company while making themselves aware of the budget that makes year end goals.


So, I got to thinking…for those of us that are in charge, here’s a charge for us: What kind of leaders are we right now? And, what kind of leaders would we like to be? It’s pretty simple really. Just a matter of choice then follow through. Sure, it will be a bit more effort, but you have to admit, the pay off will be worth it in the end. And let us not forget: It always looks better when you’re on the winning team.


Just my thoughts.