I love flowers. I love to see them on the roadside. I love when they pop up in my yard. I love receiving them! Nothing makes me smile like an assortment of fresh flowers on a table in my home. And they’re beginning to pop up all around town. Spring is here! Though it only lasts about two months (March through May) during that short time, it gives us Easter, Passover, May Day and Mother’s Day.
If you live in, or travel to, any of our southern states here in the U.S., you will be familiar with the beautiful Dogwoods. If you aren’t familiar with the bloom this tree produces, it’s quite fascinating. Have you heard of the Legend of the Dogwood? As the story goes, Jesus was crucified on a cross made of it’s wood. The flowers are a memorial to His death. If you have ever seen one of these blooms you’ll notice that they have four petals that are cross-shaped (representing the four corners of the cross). Each petal has a rusty red indentation that looks like the imprint of a nail. Not only that, the red stamens in the center of the flower represent Jesus’ crown of thorns and the clustered red fruit represents his blood.Now there’s something to ponder on this lovely spring day.
Next time you see a Dogwood in bloom take a moment to check it out!
Just my thoughts.