Ok, so the tech world of late is not only obsessed with the new phenomenon called TWITTER, folks across the globe are learning to “tweet”.  If you didn’t catch CNN’s Larry King and Ashton Kutcher’s race to gain one million followers, then you missed one of the most amazing free promos for a start up company of all time. (Maybe one of them will own stock?)
The Twitter folks were certainly twittering about the free press that week in their offices you can imagine. What a coup for them.
I tried to hold out. I really did. Peer pressure? Not me! But more than that. I mean, who on earth cares that I am brushing my teeth or at that I am on my way to the grocery store.  Now, if I were Angelina Jolie? That’s another story.
However, fully understanding that if you don’t keep up with the times, the will plow over you, I decided to get on board and get into the act.
With that, I hope to make my tweets something worth twittering about.  Perhaps a pithy comment for the day. Or maybe a provoking question.  Unless of course something wonderful exciting happens to me on a particular day. Then, by golly, I just might sing like a bird. And tweet about it.
So if you’re so inclined, you’re invited to follow me on twitter. (You can click on the tab up above or simply go to the link below.)

You know how the saying goes, “Birds of a feather….” I guess I am not immune!
Tweet, Tweet!
PS: If you don’t know how to TWITTER, but would like to, here are a few simple steps to get you going:

  • Go to:   www.twitter.com
  • Create an account there for yourself.    
  • Then follow this link:  http://twitter.com/StephanieKH or search for other folks.   
  • On my profile, under the photo, there will be a button that says “Follow.”   
  • Click that button, and my “tweets” or updates will show up for you.  

Under the Settings Tab:  If you set up your mobile phone to receive updates, you will get a text message of tweets – thus keeping you in the loop.