We want to take this time to welcome our BRIDGES viewers. We’re so glad you are here!
For those of you not familiar with Bridges, it is a TV show on CTN hosted by Monica Schmelter. I so enjoy my time with Monica. It just flys by. It seems the camera goes on, and then…the lights go off.
Tune in today if you can. Friday -Nov 13th 9:30 AM or at 6:30 PM –Our theme will be: Women Like to Talk (The Chix Chat Club)
On channel WHTN/CTN
Last Friday (11/6), I was on Bridges with Monica and we talked about being Single in America. For those of that you missed it and would like to check it out we have placed two clips from that show online for you.
Here’s a link!
If you like what you see, catch us next week!
NEXT Friday-Nov 20th 9:30 AM & 6:30 PM –our theme will be: Single for the Holidays
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Monday-Jan 4th 9:30 AM & 6:30 PM (Getting Ready for New Year Show)
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Thank you so much to all of you out there and for your wonderful support. We hope you enjoyed the SHOW!
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