Greetings Amarillians! Is that even how you say it? If not, do let me know. But I must tell you, I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your very All-American town.  I just wish I could have eaten that entire 72 ounce steak at the Big Texan. Oh well, maybe next time?
We are so glad you have joined us here today. Maybe you caught the interview on DAYBREAK.  It was such a treat to meet and spend a bit of time with Meredith, Liz and the ProNews7 team. Thanks gang for a wonderful visit.  And too,  I hope a few of you  viewers were able to come on out to Barnes & Noble to join me for a cup o’ Joe and maybe even take a book or two home with you.
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Stephanie was honored to have the opportunity to be a brief part of DAYBREAK today. It’s truly a super show. And we have no doubt you enjoyed the entire show if you were able to tune in. What ARE you people doing up at that hour! 🙂
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Chat soon!