For those of you who joined us at Pranzo Cafe’ last night, perhaps this is your first time to visit this site. If that’s the case: WELCOME. We are so glad you’re here.
It was a fun night to be sure out at Music Row on the roundabout. The food was great, the venue was perfect and the company was spectacular. There were lots of laughs and chatting and we ended up with standing room only!
We even had a celebrity guest phone in. None other than actress, model, author and more Jennifer O’Neill herself treated us to a chat by phone. As usual, Jen was a delight. I wish each of you could meet her in person. She’s simply the best. Jen graciously did the Foreword to my book: When You Grow Up & Get…Single. And it was a treat to hear her take on the subject.
So, if you’re new, be sure to take a look around.
Again, we’re just glad you’re here!