And we want to personally invite you to enjoy it!
We are more than pleased to announce the digital availability of Stephanie’s recordings!
Yep. All of them. Now ready and waiting just for you…online!
Download one tune or an entire album.
We’re excited!
And invite you to personally check it out!
(Just click on the STEPHANIE’S MUSIC tab at the top of this page.)
UNBROKEN PRAISE – Featuring hymns and gospel songs with fresh new sounds.
SIMPLE GIFTS – A compilation of jazzy classics and originals.
AND FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER…Three single cuts that until now had not been released.
Need some music for that morning quiet time? Or better yet, to calm those rattled nerves? Maybe you are in need of a good chuckle. Whatever the case, whatever the moment, we have just you’ve been looking for.
Just click on the tab STEPHANIE’S MUSIC at the top of this site and make yourself at home!
Check out the three album options that are available now.
Gearing up for that long drive or commute? Want something pleasant to set on your alarm radio, then we have just what you’re looking for.
A Note From Stephanie:
Hey there gang.
Thanks so much for dropping by. It’s been such a joy to meet you here each day. And it’s nothing short of a privilege. If you are new to the site a big and hearty WELCOME to you.
But as you can see, we are celebrating this week!
We are now able to offer you something new. Yes, you. Our faithful readers and new friends.
Two of my recorded albums, plus three independent singles! Now ready and waiting for you. 24/7.
Whether you are sitting in that favorite wireless location, in the airport or at your hotel, you can now download music that is sure to feed your soul while you’re sipping that latte or coffee.
Be sure you take a look at….
UNBROKEN PRAISE – 12 tunes for you!
SIMPLE GIFTS – 10 songs to choose from!
SINGLES – three!
You’ll want to notice that there are three album cover images for you to click on and choose from when you are in there.
And you can even get a quick listen before you purchase. Just double click on the song of choice, and be sure your volume is up!
One tune you’ll not want to miss is THAT WONDERFUL SOMEONE. It was originally recorded by Patsy Cline and is a perfect way to mellow out a busy day or better yet, to wind it down.
If you are in need of a laugh, check out REDNECK. It’s a Song I wrote just after moving to Nashville. This country diddy sheds a bit of light on life outside the city limits.
For those wanting to brush up on your hymns and gospel songs, be sure to take a look at the wide selection of options. Each recorded with a fresh new twist. You’ll find yourself singing, or humming along in no time!
We’re so glad you’er here. And we are THRILLED to be able to present these albums and songs to you. Anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
Ahhh, the wonder and the beauty of the internet.
Without you, this all would not have been possible.
So, here’s to tunes on the go! And if you have any questions, just let us know!
We hope these songs will be a blessing to you and yours.