Have you heard someone lately talk about their having to default to “Plan B”? Seems there’s alot of that in the air these days. But then too,  it’s most likely the simple reality that a lot of plan “A”s  just didn’t pan out, leaving  folks scrambling for plan “B”.
“Plan B isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” the older and much wiser woman gently reminded me as we chatted on the phone.  We had painfully watched a mutual friend of ours be “thrown under the bus” as they say,  by supposed colleagues and we were both grimmacing over the incident.  The Plan “B” for this beloved individual, however,  may be just what the doctor ordered in the end.  We shall see.
 Plan “A” is simply that: a plan. It doesn’t mean it is the perfect plan. Nor is it necessarily the permanent plan. It’s just the plan of choice for the moment. The plan everyone, or perhaps someone, thought was the best way to go. 
Time, circumstances, and a multitude of factors later Plan “A”  can sometimes suddenly be washed away like an unsuspecting tidal wave.  Those who are prepared with a Plan “B” usually land on their feet rather quickly . Those who resign themselves to sitting down and lamenting the loss are the ones that tend to be left behind. It’s always best to pick up and move on. Not easy. But best.
I remember a friend sharing with me her unanticipated Plan “B” regarding a particular situation. She said it never crossed her mind to worry.  And too, it just wasn’t necessary.  Unfortunately, when her situation suddenly changed course, she was shocked, angered and at a loss.
If you are a Plan-“A”-only kind of person, might I suggest you be open to having a Plan “B” on hand, or, simply on the back burner.  And for those of you being forced to a Plan “B”, be encouraged. It might just be the best thing that ever happened to you.   Sometimes, it’s good for you to allow those who thrust Plan “B” upon you get what they asked for. Only in doing so will you help them perhaps see what needed to be discovered or uncovered in the first place.
 And too, if you believe in Providence, is there really ever a true Plan “B”?  If you look at the situation with an appreciation for the Omnipotent, then Plan “B” might actually have been the very Plan “A” you were ignoring, missed, or weren’t ready for in the first place.
So, here’s to all of the Plan “B”s out there.  Go with it, I say. “Make it work, people. Make it work,” as fashion guru Tim Gunn likes to advise.  And don’t forget, a back up plan is always a good thing. Be sure to consider one. It never hurts. Because you never know when you might have to default to it. And if you do, take heart and remember:  it might be just what the doctor ordered.