As I clicked on the TV late one night, Suze Orman could be heard offering up her wisdom to those in need of financial advice.
Her voice drew me in, “As I tell you every Saturday night: People first. Then money. Then things.” Interestingly, I had just been working on a grid I use to help determine my priorities for any given day, or week for that matter. Her words were like cold water in the face. I immediately grabbed my grid and took a good hard look. Was I truly putting people first? Or, had I scheduled my own selfish needs and desires first today? Or, this past week for that matter?
Sometimes, it takes an outside influence to point out that the to-do list or what is currently important to me isn’t really as pertinent as that family member, that quality friend or that volunteer opportunity. I have to admit, Suze made me stop and think. Maybe I could tweak my priorities just a bit more this week. And perhaps, revisit where I am investing my time, my energy and my resources.
May the challenge to you this day be: where is the best place for you to invest your time, your energy and your resources this coming week? They are yours to give. And yours to give alone. Be sure you give them to a worthy and credible force in your life.
Just my thoughts,
Where is your treasure?